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Hi!         Hej!        Hoi! 

I am a singer-songwriter (full name: Jessica Danielle Christine Gorlee), musician, CEO of Sangotal, speech-language pathologist and singing teacher. I have been making music since I was 4 years old, but I have only been writing songs for a few years. I thought it was hard, so I didn't even try it. Turned out it was really easy!

When I'm not working, I love swimming, roller skating, practicing handstands, dancing, playing my instruments, studying and reading, and I'm a full-time single mom too!

Living in Sweden, but being Dutch, I have spent the past 18 years learning how Swedes and their systems function. That was an interesting and fun journey!

I also believe I have chosen this lifetime to learn how to handle different forms of abuse, being co-dependent and the aftermath (called "after abuse" in Swedish) of it. This has made me strong and aware! Without the tools of Access Consciousness, though, I certainly would have managed everything, but not by far as well as I have with them! I have way more ease, joy and glory now! So I would like to share the tools and confirm other people's feelings (very often not done by the social services) and how they can change their lives. 

My Story

I have always considered myself as being a normal person, but I'm slowly realizing that I am way weird :-). And yes, I have been through tough times and many dysfunctional relationships, but I have also had so many great times too!

Growing up in the Netherlands, singing in the Dutch National Children's and later Youth Choir, having been on tour with other show choirs through Europe, learning how to play the recorder, then the oboe, guitar and piano. Studying Speech Language Pathology, then moving to Sweden. Learning Swedish, getting a job, marrying a dude, getting a baby boy, studying Complete Vocal Technique, working with maaaany kids and adults on their language and singing skills. I have coached people with their life situations, I have sung and played in choirs, bands, orchestras, I have danced show dance and Burlesque and played theater. I have coached choirs and teachers, work out instructors, actors and corporate people.  I have taught many singers how to improve their technique and performance. I have done many, many courses, treated people with energy healing. Currently I am learning different languages, like Portuguese, French, Spanish and Arabic, learning jazz dance, learning how to play the drums and how to do marketing.

I am an infinite being (as are you), who keeps on searching for (and finding) bigger, better, greater, stronger and more vulnerable, loving, aware and conscious all the time! I follow the energy and work on not judging myself and others, and allowing and including everything, because that is what being conscious means!  I love my life! And how does it get any better?? Want to join me?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+46 732 546 230

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